Crossing the Aegean again| The new big project by municipality of Tuzla

Dr Turgut Ozcan, debuty mayor of Tuzla, speaks about the project on TRT radio

Dr Turgut Ozca, debuty mayor of Tuzla
Dr Turgut Ozca, debuty mayor of Tuzla

We wish a good day from the rario voice of Turkey ‘’New Day’’ programme.There are also this year The Thessalonika trips traditionaly mode every year for emigrants living in Tuzla.We want yıu to get information about it.What is being done within the scape of the activities ? Firstly which anniversaire of the exchanges ? First of all let me expres the exchangee is 90 anniversary it began in 1923 and 1924.Tranditionally there were activities (events) like remamberance and commemoration ? Howewer ,as the Mayor of Tuzla Municipality of Tuzla Mr.Dr.Şadi Yazıcı presented an offer to Rumelia living in Tuzla.Rumelia has also an association in Tuzla.An Association of Rumelia.He has offered to lift a ship and they all together decided tomake an organisation.We’ll choice it fort he first time in this year.At the first week of september we think,(hope), to visit Kavala,Drama ,Thesselonika with a ship from Tuzla and together with emigrants .(in there)

Does this visit involve these tree places?

Yes,that involve these places.Because Tuzla has mostly emigrants from Thesselonika ,Kavala and Drama especially the region Kılkıs of Thesselonika .There are emigrants about more than 10.000 in Tuzla.So that ıt was thougt the firs stage like this way.
They will go to Kavala from Tuzla.Then the visiting of Kavala again the next day Drama,remaining 70km from Kavala will be visited ,later stil continue traveling by ship they  kwill visit Thesselonika and the region ‘’Kılkıs’’ close to Thesselonika.
Planning will be like this way at the first stage.

How many days will the visit take ?

Five days.Our planning will be between 4-9.September.2013 and will lost for a total five day

Such visits are made every year what is the point of that ?
What is the purpose of emigrants,living in this country and this land,visit there?

Every years,made as traditionally trips,they made these trips own their own:That was made with bus but the first time will be make it with ship.Of course,by the Exchange of Lousanne in 1924,a result of decision tahen by mutual hundred of thousends of people livend a mutual Exchange Both sides mutually experienced a serious drama,suddenly they wois boarded in ships and was transported to a country where they hade tol ive .Sure,the Emigrants lived the poin of it every year.

What is the purpose of emigrants living in this country and at this land at that visit ? By means of Association of Roumelia they are in here toremember and not forget to be part of events they lived and once the lived at this land.

As I know a few people is alive from the Exchange time,That’s not more than 10 people.Their children and grandchildren are alive right now and were countiniously toldthem.The dreamed these lands out they couldn’t here and visit.On this oppourtunty we try to support them am asocial responsibility Project to introduce and show their land living grandfather,grandmothers.

After that, will such trips continoue ?

Of course, besides, our opinion is getting traditional.Everywhere in the world.There are wors,troubles (difficulties).We tried to present completely in the name of friendships,love ,peace,we tried to creat a culture activity,There could be borders between us.Because we know that there are borders between us,but we know that many of our people living in the Balkans,Greece,Bulgaria,Kosova,Macedonia,Albania.We have also greek friends.We know that our loved ones,our friends is out there.On this Oppoutunitywe regard as a good activity which can begin the mutual friendship,love trade,tourisme,any kind of relationship and we hope that our emigrant living in there can benefit from it and be happy .In the same way we expect the Exchangees in Greek come to Turkey.




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